I had a lovely time on a Friday evening attending Ella’s 13th Birthday Party. We celebrated in style with Prop Till You Drop. Everybody had a go, and all the props, hats and wigs had their moment in front of the camera. Lots of laughing and giggling and looking ridiculous, isn’t that what a good party is all about? There certainly weren’t any glum faces at this party; I was shocked she knew so many famous people. Sherlock Holmes, Princess Leia, Gangster Granny and the Little Mermaid all turned up to party hard. Ella had a lovely time and got a special guest book at the end of the evening full of wonderful pictures of her friends at her event. 

It was super to be able to create so many memories for Ella and her friends. I wonder what she will think of that guest book and photos when she is forty?! Hopefully she will have me back with Prop Till You Drop so we can party once again.